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Gear Garage
Next date for Gear Garage
Jan 25 (Thu), 6-8 pm, at The Summit
(4455 North Fairgrounds Ave, Windsor)


The Gear Garage is intended for players new to the game who want to try out lacrosse without having to buy equipment, as well as players with financial difficulty in purchasing equipment.
Rental rates vary from $5-40 depending on what's rented (scholarships are available for those with financial need). A deposit check will also be required (deposited only if equipment is not returned).
The Gear Garage will be available shortly before and after each season.
Directions for equipment check out:
  • Click here to reserve and pay for your equipment rental
  • Pick up your equipment at the Gear Garage immediately preceding the start of your season:
    • Date/location will be posted at the top of this page
    • You must be registered for your season before picking up your gear
  • Equipment is available on a "first come, first served" basis
Directions for equipment check in:
  • Turn in equipment at the Gear Garage immediately following the conclusion of your season (date/location will be posted at the top of this page)
  • Other players will be counting on your equipment return, so thank you for doing so on time!
  • Deposit checks will be deposited if gear is not returned
Gear donations:
If you have lacrosse gear that you would like to donate to our Gear Garage, we would love to take it off your hands:
  • Drop off gear during business hours at Big Grins Dentistry (3221 Eastbrook Dr, Fort Collins, CO 80525), or...
  • Email Lawrence Pollack (LPollack42@gmail.com) or call (970)310-9229 for alternative arrangements
  • Please email Lawrence Pollack (LPollack42@gmail.com) or call (970)310-9229 if you have any questions